Why are we here?

Why a World Music Blog?
I decided to write this World music blog because I completely and utterly love music. Nothing gives me more pleasure than introducing friends to new music from the other side of the World. When their facial expression changes and tells me what they’ve heard has just reconnected them with something they’ve not felt for sometime, it gives me immense pleasure. I’ve been a DJ for over 20 years and because of that, I hope my classification of World music under ‘moods’ and ‘feelings’ helps you to explore easier the artists I feature here.

Who’s this blog for?
I hope this blog will bring World music to YOU and a bigger and wider audience. I also hope to change perceptions on World music and the countries from which the music comes. This is a place where you can come, pick a country and dive into the music. What I’ve learnt with World music is that every country has some fantastic surprises.

In a World where cultural identity is being sidelined more and more in favour of a common identity, I hope to catalogue here those music masters that are preserving their cultural heritage and identity through music. Telling stories to inform our future and helping us to learn from what we’ve been through.

How to support the Tolerant Traveler
On these music review pages there are links through to various online retailers where you can buy copies of the album or song that has been reviewed. If you want to support the longevity of the Tolerant Traveler, please buy your music through these links.

One Wish
If I had one wish it would be to be able to share the feeling I get from listening to World music with everyone, because no matter how I feel, there is always a song to accompany it, enrich it, or twist it around to make something positive of something negative.

I hope that the music featured here, will have that same effect on you.

Thanks for listening.

The Tolerant Traveler